Milestones and Transitions.

Where to begin?  My family has passed through many major milestones in the last few months.  Starting with my son graduating from college and moving to South Africa to start his first real job, and one of my nieces also graduating college, and another niece getting married – and oh, by the way, all three of these events happened on the same day in May.  Other updates in the family include two daughters both getting their Masters Degrees on their way to their PhD’s, and we have been guiding two soon to be seniors – one in college and one in high school into important transition years.   It has been a whirlwind just keeping up.

I am also so proud of my husband, Joe Burton, who was just named as the next CEO of Plantronics.  He has worked hard throughout his life to achieve this major milestone. Congrats to my dearest husband, love of my life and best friend!

As for me…. about a month ago after a very successful Hadoop Summit and a year of major accomplishments at Hortonworks including new messaging, positioning and branding for the company, creating an integrated and digital approach to all of marketing and launching new ecosystem programs, I’ve decided to take some time off and go on a sabbatical.  Hortonworks is an awesome company that has a fantastic approach and technology for managing All Data plus the people are super smart, and the CEO had just recently commented and thanked me for “up leveling our marketing”.  Nonetheless, my plans are to spend time with family including my senior in high school.  I will also use this time to learn some new skills including taking a Board of Director course at Kellogg this Fall and get some much needed time to exercise, run a marathon, climb and ski mountains, volunteer for various organizations, network and mentor, and catch up on reading and writing.

What a great life!  I can’t wait to see how the future unfolds to the next set of milestones in the coming year.



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